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Female Support Worker Visits Senior Woman At Home

Whether you are a not-for-profit, or for-profit membership organisation, we understand that your purpose is to deliver a social impact.  Your ability to execute and deliver tangible impact is reliant in part, on how well you use technology. In our rapidly changing world, NFPs and Social Service organisations have an important role to play but are also usually underfunded. We work with you to explore how the impact of technology can outstrip the cost. 

Historically NFPs have under-invested in digital technologies, with spending usually directed towards frontline service delivery. Without the right technology to drive supporter engagement, enable staff to deliver services efficiently, measure client and community outcomes and communicate success in a professional manner, organisations will be unable to compete.  The presence of an IT plan allows an organisation to clearly identify areas of investment in IT operations in order to operate efficiently, generate revenue, and measure program outcomes.

Broad stakeholder engagement through integration of social media and a sophisticated website helps attract new funders, supporters, volunteers, staff and clients.

In what ways can NFPs use technology to develop capabilities for scalable outreach to beneficiaries?

One of the impacts from the most recent pandemic has been a loss of connection and social networks.  Through technology, our clients are providing mechanisms for people to connect.  This may include video, text-based help and chat forums.  They are providing social services including education online, moving systems to the cloud in order to help with access to systems and information, and using technology to help augment capacity of frontline staff in supporting members.


How should NFPs look to connect with philanthropists in an increasingly digital-led world?

Reputation development can be achieved through multiple channels of social media, backed by technology that aids in the automated dissemination of information. An investment in technology that will help connect the donors with your cause, will enable philanthropists to understand how their gifts impact beneficiaries.  It is vital to understand that organisations without an IT plan are over 4 times more likely to report that their systems are incapable of capturing information about client or member outcomes. Supporters increasingly want to understand how their contributions make a difference. Digital technologies help NFPs respond to these changes. They can drive productivity, improve efficiency and service delivery effectiveness, allowing organisations to adapt and respond to these changes.  Remember, transparency is king, so portals with real-time or near real-time dashboards to present funding allocation can be invaluable too.

What can NFPs do in order to attract corporate funders through tech innovation and technology-led partnerships?

Nowadays, corporates more commonly seek alignment between their operations and social outcomes. Corporate staff members can also in turn leverage advice/assistance from NFP trained staff, for wellbeing for example.  Crowd sourcing through social media has made it easier to establish a social enterprise, and consequently now more than ever, more organisations are competing for attention and funding. Whether technology is used for analytics, aiding with reputation, or helping to make people with disabilities able to perform certain tasks, the opportunities are endless.


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