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It solutions in Health care

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare calculates spending on health care at more than 10% of our GDP, and over 16% of total government expenditure is in this sector. Furthermore, Australians have a keen interest in sharing clinical data and consequently, organisations engaged in the delivery of health services are actively using technology to gather and extract this information to improve our health system.

Healthcare providers typically engage our services to assist them in their on-going quest to capture and deliver information in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our mandate is to provide IT platforms which enable and support clinical information systems, delivering affordable, quality healthcare, in a clinical setting.

We design, deliver and manage innovative technology solutions aimed at improving the experience for our healthcare clients and your customers. Specifically, we focus on the underlying IT platform, converged communication and interaction with clinical systems in order to:

  • give providers timely, reliable and secure access to information from anywhere;
  • deliver better business and clinical decisions through business intelligence;
  • improve efficiency, effectiveness and workflow with better information sharing for increased productivity;

And ultimately, help clinicians and customers spend more time together.

It solutions in Health care

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