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Innovating-with-a-Digital Mindset

About Us

Innovating with a Digital Mindset

Majestic Computer Technology is a privately-owned Australian company that has been successfully building and delivering IT solutions in Australia for decades. Established in 1992, we provide services to a range of small and medium sized clients across various industries, including health, professional services, construction and engineering, and life sciences.

Our primary role is to deliver information and communications technology (ICT) services to our clients. But we go well beyond that. We know how important it is to choose the right ICT services provider. When organisations elect to work with us, they know that we are acutely aware they are entrusting crucial services and organisational functions to our care.

We are also aware it is critical that these functions run smoothly to enable our clients to compete effectively in a fast-moving world. That’s why we do whatever it takes to help our clients achieve their goals. This means we collaborate with and within the organisation, not merely act as a supplier of goods and services. We take time to understand our clients and keep to our promises. We operate transparently, keep our interactions simple and easy, and deliver flexible services that meet our clients’ needs now and in the future. In other words, we let our clients get on with business.

We know that our clients have great ideas.  We also know that technology often plays a part in realising them. We encourage our people to challenge the status-quo, to be inquisitive and creative. We are intimately aware that while technology for us is a way of life, IT is simply a tool for our clients.  The real essence is in knowing when and how to use IT as a business enabler.

Streamlining processes, to reduce costs and better align technology to your business requirements

Enabling smarter use of technology, for competitive advantage and productivity improvements
Supporting your strategic programs, to help you deal with disruption and harness opportunities

About Us

Our Philosophy

We’ve created a business model in which we deliver customer service based on a paradigm of effectiveness instead of efficiency. We don’t subject our clients to self-directed systems, because we understand that this rarely produces the desired effect of a deeply satisfied client. And so, when we deliver our managed services, our goal is not “time optimisation,” but rather “effectiveness optimisation”. We live by the mantra that you can be efficient with things, but not with people. Imagine trying to foster an “efficient” marriage…

Consequently, when we work on an important assignment for you, we sometimes allow ourselves to be “inefficient” for a while. Innovative problem solving requires inspiration, and we know that lightbulb moments can’t be planned, scheduled and managed in 6-minute increments on a timesheet.

We understand that you are expert in delivering services to your customers in your core business domain. We also understand that IT is essential for your organisation to function effectively, but managing the technology is not your core business. For this reason, getting specialist knowledge and assistance in monitoring, management and support of your IT makes good sense.

We have a dedicated team who communicate with you in a way that makes sense to you, while providing the process and knowhow to help you extract the most value from your IT investment.

We work closely with a broad range of independent hardware and software vendors. Because of these strategic relationships, we can offer our clients options, while at the same time, we remain vendor independent. We understand that we are working for our clients, therefore able to recommend technology solutions based on a single focus – addressing our clients’ needs.

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About Us


We actively encourage an approach that considers requirements from the board level and executive level down. We do this, in order to understand and offer innovative solutions that are carefully and purposefully designed to meet and exceed business requirements and expectations.

We are constantly mindful of being cost-effective. Innovative technologies and approaches that can provide effective solutions to complex problems, require an on-going investment on our part. Often, reducing CAPEX spend in favour of a more flexible OPEX model can deliver far-reaching benefits for our clients.

Not only do we keep well-informed about current and upcoming technologies, we are constantly searching for ways in which these technologies can reduce cost and increase efficiencies for our clients. We actively pursue a candid and upfront discussion about what the business requires, current problems being faced and the strategic direction of the organisation. This enables us to quickly identify enhanced ways to use existing investments in technology, strategic ways to reduce complexity and help our clients receive a positive return on investment from their technology budget.

We can act as independent, objective technical advisors to provide feedback on existing systems as well as recommendations for the best course of action. This ensures that technology is aligned with the organisation’s business plans.  


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