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Leading life sciences companies are capitalising on technological developments in artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, predictive analytics and blockchain to create innovation in products and services. However, the ways in which Life Sciences companies evolve and grow is generally very different to most other industries. As you move through various stages from discovery to commercialisation and then scale, you are presented with new and unique information technology challenges. These challenges often result in your organisation committing valuable internal resources to IT, rather than focusing on the mission and the science.

This is where we come in. We can help you concentrate on the science and growth while the IT gets done. Well-developed industry know-how and best practices, coupled with technology platforms and solutions to support life sciences companies, enable us to assist with and support:

  • testing and monitoring systems integration
  • cloud computing and data management
  • compliance and regulatory support
  • cybersecurity and security awareness
  • digital enablement and strategic IT planning
  • Bioinformatics, financial and information management systems

We have developed comprehensive IT solutions that make the most effective use of technology across the spectrum of life sciences organisations, including biotechnology, pharma, contract research and manufacturing, as well as medical devices.


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