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Doing business is so much easier when you can shed the tasks that weigh you down. When you choose to partner with us, we help capture your principles and ethos. We work with you to solve your specific challenges in ways that off-the-shelf solutions simply can’t do. Everything we develop is built for business, is cloud-based so it can be accessed anywhere and anytime and is designed to provide the platform to help you achieve your biggest objectives.

We know that our clients have great ideas. We also know that technology often plays a part in realising them. You know what you do best, and we bring along expertise from our work with organisations across many industries. We then use our experience and insights so you can achieve better outcomes.

How much time is taken up with unnecessary processes or admin tasks?

It is abundantly clear that streamlining processes and enabling smarter use of technology for productivity improvements, cost reduction and competitive advantage, all help with your business objectives. Whether it is to deal with disruption or harness opportunity, supporting your strategic programs through automation, you can free up precious hours to work on things that provide the most value. If you’re using countless spreadsheets and documents to manage your operations, it’s time to ditch them so you can focus on growth.

How to automate time-consuming processes?

When we create software for you, we ensure that it meets the essence of your processes – not necessarily mimics every step as you would do it manually. That is an incredibly important distinction, because we understand that simply automating manual process may not achieve the best possible outcome. We then also ensure that the software can evolve with you, because we understand that things rarely stay the same for very long.

Planning Board in Office

Simply put:

  • We analyse your business processes in detail to understand how they currently work
  • Together, we map out where you want to be
  • Then, we design a game plan which includes the user interface, experience and logic
  • Our team then moves on to develop and implement your new system, with constant communication and iterations
  • Even when we finally go live, we continue to support with ongoing updates and improvements

At every step of the way, our joint goal is to achieve new or speedier processes, and set you up with
a significant competitive advantage.



Dryen Australia ECM Implementation

Majestic was appointed to implement an Enterprise Content
business building

Advanced Precast Enterprise Print System

Majestic was appointed to create an Enterprise Print
Software-as-a-Service Solution

Yacht Racing Services Association Saas implementation

Majestic proposed a fully managed Software-as-a-Service Solution without
CMS Based Invoice processing

AN Computer Services Invoice Processing Implementation

Majestic was appointed to implement an Enterprise Content

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