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The Role that IT plays in an organisation

Majestic's CEO Tal Evans discusses the crucial role that IT plays within an organisation

Whether we always wish to acknowledge it or not, it cannot be argued that IT plays a critical role in any organisation. Your IT infrastructure must be able to deliver on the overall objectives your organisation sets, whatever those may be. It is increasingly vital for our technology to be there to enable those objectives to be carried out in a more effective, more cohesive manner.

Your organisation’s technology can function 24 hours a day, as distinct from human beings. This also facilitates automation, enabling us to do more with less.

Most organisations either have an internal IT team or an external IT provider. Whichever yours is, the role of the IT partner is consequently to offer ways ideas, suggestions and generally advise around the type of things that technology can facilitate.

Research from Accenture has shown that 34% of companies see the IT department as the main driver of innovation. As companies increasingly look to their IT teams to drive change at an organisational level, the role of IT is moving from being a part of an organisation’s infrastructure to becoming a key factor of its strategic plan.

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