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Microsoft Hosted Exchange is more than just email. It is a powerful collaboration tool. One can manage contacts, calendars, tasks and emails whether one is on his/her computer or mobile devices. This is one solution which resolves all your mailbox synchronisation issues. With plenty of mailbox storage, anti-malware protection, lower upfront costs and  flexible monthly billing, Microsoft Hosted Exchange is undoubtedly the best option to improve your business productivity.

With Microsoft Small Business Servers coming to an end and the traditional IMAP/POP (ISP provided) email reliability narrowing down day by day, Microsoft Hosted Exchange is definitely the best option to consider. Here are the key features.

  • Stay connected – If your emails are in cloud, they will always be available. You will be up and running, no matter what happens; Even in the major disaster situations.
  • Data security and control – Data security in the cloud is no longer an issue. Microsoft has built-in security and continuous compliance, so businesses focus on the right things.
  • Multiple device management – Your emails are always synchronised between different devices, which means any read/unread/sent emails always appear the same on all devices. This is one of the major assets of the Microsoft Hosted Exchange.
  • No more licensing mess – You can now purchase, assign and remove licenses for the users on demand.
  • Lower costs – You can signup for Microsoft Hosted Exchange portal with very minimal up-front costs and pay for the licenses as you go.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we at Majestic Computer Technology can provide the best Microsoft Hosted Exchange plan tailored to your business requirements.

For an obligation free consultancy session, please feel free to contact Majestic Computer Technology. We are here to help.

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