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For managers of healthcare and social services organisations who aren’t sure if their IT systems are helping or hindering and are wondering if there is a better approach, we recommend…

This free white paper reveals the 7 most expensive mistakes made by most SMEs regarding IT strategy, investment in technology and management. We then move on to outline the best-practice framework used successfully by the world’s leading healthcare and social services organisations to align their approaches and IT systems with their strategic objectives.


This white paper identifies the ineffective approach that is legacy of typical technical views of IT management instead of the strategic approach.

You will learn:

  • How to avoid poor investment decisions that lead to efficient but ineffective operations and work practices
  • The means to reinvent your organisation’s approach to using technology for greater impact
  • The strategic approach to achieve a successful, economic transformation to IT best practice in a relatively short time
  • How a focus on effectiveness of technology, rather than efficiency enables a bigger picture perspective to achieve your organisation’s vision for the future

Are you concerned about how your organisation’s approach to IT is affecting your ability to have the impact you want?

Does your organisation’s IT systems and technology free your people to make best use of their time on higher level activities, or are they spending ineffective time on fixing problems you needn’t have?

When making investment decisions about new technology, IT systems or software upgrades, are they being made in isolation or with consideration of the four major drivers of organisational performance?

Nothing has greater impact on your organisation’s performance than effective people supported by optimal technology and IT systems.  Yet many organisations in healthcare and social services are missing opportunities and wasting resources by not managing the coordination of these elements effectively.

While trying to save money is a worthy ideal, there is often an even greater opportunity cost imposed by poor decision making about IT investment.

Make sure your organisation is not committing unwitting underperformance and lower than optimal contribution for your stakeholders through lack of knowledge.

Download and read BEST PRACTICE APPROACH TO IT MANAGEMENT FOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES ORGANISATIONS now, so you are appropriately informed to enable your organisation to operate and perform at best practice level.

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