Partnering with Foundation Learning Centre for a brighter future

Majestic partnering with Foundation Learning Centre

Majestic is proud to partner with several For-Purpose organisations. We understand, that without industry support, many of these organisations simply couldn’t carry on doing what they do for our community. Our CEO, Tal Evans, recently joined Sarah Lynch who is the CEO of Foundation Learning Centre (FLC), to create a video intended to share FLC’s story and raise much needed funds in support of their mission.

In sharing their story, Sarah said that “often people refer to us as their family, staff and students alike, that this is a fresh start for people. It’s an individualised program that provides a lot of support, nurture and support.

FLC “serves members of the community who are marginalised, educationally disadvantaged, and coming to Foundation Learning Centre means that they have a fresh start at education. There are a lot of people within the community who are very isolated and require an opportunity to connect and feel part of something. There’s a lot of work being done to break that cycle of generational poverty. It’s about empowering individuals, it’s about building their capacity, and seeing them thrive, seeing them experience success. We know we’re making a difference because we’re still here 42 years later and have a genuine desire to make a difference”, Sarah added.

When we started working with FLC several years ago, we first worked to identify what the organisation was looking to achieve. Our initial objectives were to get the foundations of the network right. That then carried through to an introduction of a new set of tools in the form of the devices that both the students and the staff were ultimately going to use, as well as a broad shift to cloud services. The aim was to standardise the environment and cut costs that usually come about when lack of IT controls creep in over time.

As the pandemic of 2020 hit, staff and students alike were sent home, yet these changes enabled the organisation to continue operating and delivering services. It enabled the staff to maintain open lines of communication between themselves and with students. The most important way that we could contribute towards that was in delivering a cohesive technology platform for FLC to be able to operate effectively and efficiently.

Sarah goes on to explain that “here it’s very much about providing a wraparound service, where we’re not only dealing with the educational outcomes of their learning, and we’re very much about providing that holistic support. So that provides huge amounts of challenges that we are trying to build all of these things into the offerings that we have so that we’re competitive, so that we can provide a professional service, so that we can give the young people the best possible educational offerings.

Ultimately, the strategies we put in place with FLC enabled the organisation to open a second campus in Frankston while continuing to manage a more complex organisation that is now running across multiple locations. It enabled seamless delivery of services, while sharing staff, resources and capability, to reach more geographically dispersed communities.

But we don’t have the financial support to do that. We were lucky enough to be introduced to Tal, and the team at Majestic were able to look at our strategic vision and work with me as the CEO on what I felt we needed and to support the growth in the business”, Sarah concluded.

For us here at Majestic, there is a strong connection with what Sarah shared. FLC and other organisations across education, healthcare and social services align very well with our own values and we know we can make strong and lasting contributions.

Tal summed up that “our entire team, when they’re engaged in the delivery of services for an impactful organisation such as Foundation Learning Centre, there’s a great deal of personal pride and satisfaction. To get up in the morning and know that part of what you’re doing has a greater purpose is incredibly enriching”.