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What we do

Majestic Computer Technology specialises in providing cost effective IT support solutions to the business sector. With over 25 years of experience, Majestic is a leader in IT infrastructure, planning and networking. Majestic is a single source provider for total network solutions; transforming technology into business solutions. Majestic brings to its customers broad experience in data, cloud and security communications.

As businesses grow, so do IT requirements and with growing competition, it is essential to maintain your IT requirements. Majestic’s effective IT solutions are designed to maximise IT and employee productivity. Majestic’s highly experienced technical specialists focus exclusively on providing the network services and IT solutions that you need to meet your business requirements so that you will be free to tend to your own business activities and can operate with the confidence that your IT systems are unlikely to fail you.

Majestic has been successfully building and delivering IT solutions in Australia since its establishment in 1992. Majestic has earned a reputation for offering high quality, reliable, secure and flexible IT products and services that meet and exceed the business needs of the Australian marketplace.

Our main IT services are centred on the following:

  • Network Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Server Solutions
  • Virtualisation Technologies