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The focus in regard to keeping up with technology improvements and updates

Majestic CEO Tal Evans discusses what organisations should focus on when it comes to keeping up with technology

Brad Strock’s quote emphasises the importance of an organisation’s IT strategy being closely linked to its Business Strategy. They can no longer be considered to be independent of each other.

Many organisations make the mistake of assuming that keeping up with technology immediately means going out and investing in the newest / most powerful hardware. They’re wrong. Blindly investing in the latest and greatest technology is never the best solution. The goal of any organisation should be to first thoroughly assess and understand where their funds can be best utilised.

When we work through this process with a client, our starting point is to ask:
–      What’s more important?
–      What do we want to do first?
–      Which choice is going to provide the biggest possible benefit?

From there, a determination can be made on the most suitable course of action. Sometimes those actions are very simple ones, involving minimal investments in automation that achieve a very significant outcome for an organisation.

Research from Flexera shows that IT outsourcing experienced an across the board increase in 2021 to date, with automation showing a 57% increase. What could the introduction of strategic automation do for your organisation?

CIO Australia’s ‘Anatomy of a strategic plan in the era of digital disruption’ emphasises how critically important it is that organisations have a robust, yet flexible strategic plan for their IT infrastructure.

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