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Managed WiFi Services

Imagine if every time you stepped into your office or took a drive in your car while on your mobile phone, the call would drop… Well, if you’ve been around long enough, you probably remember a time when this was indeed the case.  Unless you were located in a really good mobile coverage area, and you were more or less stationery, you simply couldn’t hope to conduct an uninterrupted conversation while on the move.
The same issues apply in a wireless networking context.  Nowadays, we rely more and more on mobile devices, including laptop computers, tablets and smart phones amongst others. Most offices have at least one wireless router and some even have multiple units.  The trouble is, every time you move away from wireless coverage, you lose network connectivity. And even if you happen to have multiple access points, more often than not you’d need to actively reconnect to the nearest one in order to maintain a good working signal. This in turn means that your device temporarily disconnects from the network, and if you were in the middle of running an application or saving a file, well, you may have just lost your work. Painful!

The good news, is that you’re not alone and there is a solution which would allow you to move freely from office to boardroom to factory floor, while maintaining an uninterrupted network connection. What’s even better, is that you won’t have to do anything at all to maintain connectivity as you roam around. We can achieve that by implementing a “meshed” wireless network, using multiple access points that all talk to each other and to the network, keeping you seamlessly connected.
Our team has been implementing these kind of solutions for our clients for quite a while, but we recently came to the realisation that many clients don’t understand how easy and inexpensive it all really is. So, we’ve introduced Majestic Managed WiFi Solutions, all bundled in a simple to understand Plan pricing structure which includes all the hardware you need, and all the on-going secure management from us. Just like the services you currently get from your mobile phone carrier.

Want a great WiFi experience without the interruptions?  
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