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Data Networking & Internet

Majestic Computer Technology specialises in providing a flexible and robust private and internet connectivity to businesses across Australia. We can assist in implementing managed LAN and WAN solutions tailored to your business needs. At Majestic, we recognise that every business is unique with individual requirements. That is why, with the backing and support of a team of experienced network professionals, Majestic will design, implement and deploy a cost-effective network solution that meets your business needs both now and for the future.

The continued availability of communication networks is vital to businesses today. Our broad range of connectivity solutions will help you keep your network operating smoothly and trouble-free. Majestic uses proven offerings, deep business and technology skills and key alliances to help clients leverage next generation networks to achieve high performance.


Private IP Internet

Cloud-based services have become so pervasive that, for many organisations, it’s difficult to imagine using applications and technology infrastructure components without cloud. Compared with traditionaA private IP internet adds a secure internet access to your private IP network. This delivers a business grade internet connection without depending on a single point of failure. In addition to delivering internet access to all locations within the private IP network, the firewall rules and security are applied centrally, thereby reducing overheads and costs associated with managing multiple firewalls. l, pre-cloud environments, cloud computing has brought efficiencies that enable companies to reduce capital costs, increase business flexibility and give an infrastructure which works like a utility: you only pay for what you need, upgrades are automatic and scaling up or down is easy.



Business Internet

Majestic Computer Technology can deliver a business grade internet connection over various technologies like DSL, Ethernet over copper or optic fibre. This type of internet access is best suited for smaller businesses with a single office location that require a reliable, robust and fast internet connection. In addition to providing a connection for internet access, Majestic can also deliver a managed firewall solution to implement security policies.



Remote VPN Access

Secure remote access to private networks has become a necessity for businesses. With more mobile users than ever before, a reliable method is required by users to connect to their office network to gain access to data, applications or emails whether they are visiting clients, on the road or at home. Remote VPN access enables a business to achieve better workforce productivity and allows the employees to be more flexible with their work and improve efficiency.



SD-WAN Solutions

Majestic Computer Technology provides the multi-site, enterprise-wide connectivity solution which is a simple, secure, and flexible platform that is designed and implemented as per your business requirements. 


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