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Majestic RMM

Remote Monitoring & Management Platform (RMM) is a critical tool for today’s corporate IT professionals, enabling them to remotely monitor the health of their company’s networks and take a more proactive approach to problem resolution. Majestic RMM Platform is a cloud-based client management platform that gives you powerful, robust features and functionality as the on-premise client management platform, but for a fraction of the cost and with minimal setup time.

Majestic RMM Features

    • Automate Everything – Create powerful automation quickly and easily. From simple scripts that restart stopped services to complex scripts that configure entire workstations, if you can think it, Majestic RMM can automate it
    • Multitasking – Manage multiple servers, workstations and even network devices at the same time with no third party software needed
    • Single Click Magic – Create, edit and deploy IT policies with a single click. Easily manage configurations and policies across multiple endpoints at once.
    • No End-User Interruptions – Ability to accomplish even the most advanced tasks without any interruption to the end user experience
    • Single Management Console – All the monitoring and management – from patch management and backups to remote control, security and automation – together in one place

  • Proactive Approach – Proactively monitor and fix issues, resulting in less downtime
  • Free Setup – Free setup, configuration and training

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