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Cloud Disaster Recovery

An effective business disaster recovery plan is like building or travel insurance - you don't realise how important it is until adversity strikes.

Unexpected events that disrupt normal business activity can have a major impact on operations, staff and customers. Having in place a comprehensive plan to deal with such events is a vital part of effective management.

Majestic Computer Technology offers cloud based disaster recovery systems to cover you for disasters without the high upfront costs.


Features Of Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery 24 X 7 Dsisaster Recovery System Monitoring

  24 x 7 Disaster Recovery System Monitoring

  Unlimited Backup History

  Cloud Based Real Time Offsite Replication

  Instant Recovery For Physical To Virtual Or Virtual To Physical Server With Click Of A Button

   Multiple Points Of Recovery Within A Day

  Eliminate Traditional Backup Tapes And Disks Based Backups

  Much Cheaper than Traditional DR

  Simplify DR Process

  Improve DR Efficiency

  Flexible And Scalable

   Encrypted Backups

 When it comes to IT systems, many companies tackle disaster recovery by establishing an offsite facility that can support business systems should a catastrophe strike. Critical data is replicated and kept in a state of readiness at all times.

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