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High-functioning and reliable computers play a vital role in succeeding in the current digital world and compete more effectively. Maintaining your employees’ computer stations is an important part of the business.So whether it is installing the right updates to ensure your desktop runs at peak performance or getting your business back up and running after your computers crashes unexpectedly, Majestic Computer Technology can help.

our flexible and reasonable PC support options help enhance your business execution by:

  • System backups – It is essential to have a plan for recovering from a system failure. An attacker could crash a computer’s operating system or data may be corrupted or wiped out by a hardware problem. Computers can be lost, stolen, or destroyed in a fire or other catastrophe.
  • Installing critical and security updates – Critical security patches are perhaps the most important updates to apply to your system. Ignoring these could leave your computer or server extremely vulnerable to hackers and malicious code.
  • Defragmenting the hard drive – Over the time files can become fragmented or separated, thrown into random directories When this happens, it takes your computer longer to scan the hard drive to locate those blocks of information it needs to perform a task, which decreases the computer’s speed and performance.
  • Monitoring the drive space – It is important to monitor the amount of available storage space on your disk because programs might fail due to an inability to allocate space.
  • Disk cleanup – Disk cleanup utility searches and analyses the hard drive for files that are no longer of any use, and then removes the unnecessary files, temporary logs and much more.
  • Checking the event logs on the PC – Event logs can give you early warning of impending system issues and save you from unexpected disasters. We can also trace security events that can reveal someone making a sustained effort to access a customer system in unexpected circumstances.
  • 24 x 7 PC health check – Our automated script runs on your systems in regular intervals and let us know if there are any issues with your hard drive or other hardware.

As always Majestic Computer Technology is here to help, Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Signup today and one of our engineers will call you to discuss further.

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