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Majestic gives prime importance to keep our clients ahead of an ever-evolving IT threat landscape.The growing use of cloud-based and virtualised computing drives dramatic efficiency and operational gains-but if security strategies are not evolved to fit these environments, those benefits are not realized and security gaps are created. So, it is very important to have an enterprise security solution in order to eliminate those security gaps.

Yesterday’s viruses and ransomware are still lurking out there, requiring vigilant updating of traditional defenses – but the current explosion of advanced targeted attacks demands new customised detection and response capabilities.

Here we present the top 5 reasons why you need a hosted enterprise security solution

  • Shields against the ransomware – Majestic hosted enterprise security solution shields you against the ransomwares that are breaching the security policies of the company.
  • Hosted email security – By blocking ransomware at the email gateway, enterprise security solution prevent it from ever reaching your users.
  • Data theft protection – This tool can protect sensitive personal information, including credit card numbers or passwords for online services. Upon detecting any attempt to send protect information to the internet, whether to a web page, by email or through an instant message, the transmission can be blocked automatically.
  • Web security – Web security combines threat protection, URL filtering and application visibility which defends you against today’s sophisticated internet threats by blocking targeted attacks, malicious links, compromised websites and more.
  • Network security – Protect your network from advanced targeted and zero-day attacks with a proactive process of real-time threat visibility and intelligence.

The growth of data usage, a move towards an increasingly mobile workforce and the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can drive real business benefits. To enable your organisation to fully capitalise on the opportunities that these trends can bring, it is important that IT architecture is properly secured and the risks addressed.

To learn more about hosted enterprise security solution, please contact us.

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