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Main challenge #1 Knowing where investment should be made

Majestic CEO Tal Evans discusses challenges with knowing where investment should be made

Main challenge 1Bill Gate’s quote emphasises the point that information technology and business strategy are connected in such a complex manner that they are no longer mutually exclusive.

The main challenges that organisations have in dealing with IT and operations predominantly relate to the point of convergence between the two.

The challenge isn’t in the actual delivery of the technology such as putting a computer on a desk or installing a new server; it’s about understanding where investments should be made in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. It’s important to assess the position and process of an organisation in order to make the right investment in the right areas.

We find that organisations, particularly small and medium organisations, that don’t have a very large technology department and technology officers tend to be quite reactive to their own internal needs. Without being armed with that technical knowledge they often make investments in the wrong areas or at the wrong time, and it ends up costing them.

Research from Flexera shows that 86% of employees in 2021 believe the digital transformation pace will increase. Will your company be able to keep up?

Managed Healthcare Executive’s ‘5 Questions CEOs Should Ask Before Outsourcing IT’ urges the importance of choosing an outsourcing partner that understands the organisation’s goals and future strategy.

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