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IT Security

The growth of data usage, a move towards an increasingly mobile workforce and the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can drive real business benefits. To enable your organisation to fully capitalize on the opportunities that these trends can bring, it is important that IT architecture is properly secured and the risks addressed.

This means we do much more than monitor your security infrastructure. We help you cost-effectively and efficiently manage your security risks. Our proactive approach alerts you to threats before they become critical business issues and we can often fix them before you know they exist.

Network Security

Network security refers to any activities designed to protect your network. Specifically, these activities protect the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of your network and data. Effective network security targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network.



Email Security

Email security is a priority for all businesses, with the growing threat of hackers, viruses spam, phishing and identity theft, as well as the need to secure business information. Assessing the effectiveness of both internal and external security controls is an essential part of protecting an organisation from vulnerabilities and threats.



Web Security

Ensuring that your website or open web application is secure is critical. Even simple bugs in your code can result in private information being leaked, and bad people are out there trying to find ways to steal data. Web content filtering protects user productivity, blocks malware downloads and web threats, enables compliance and creates online security by allowing users to access popular websites and avoiding over blocking.



Security Consulting

Companies that fail to address online security issues risk their productivity, brand, relationships and trust. Security Consulting can assess your network or cloud and advise on strategies to protect against security threats, even those of increasing complexity. We can assess how vulnerable your operation is and recommend the most appropriate strategy, architecture and solution to suit your specific requirements. Plus, you’ll maximise your investments by getting ongoing support to help ensure your security continues to perform.


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