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IT Hardware & Software

Majestic Computer Technology is a "one stop shop" which provides the full range of IT Products and Services from hardware and software procurement to designing, implementing and deploying tailored IT support solutions. At Majestic, we take care of all your business needs and make it easy for everyone. Majestic covers all your requirements including hardware solutions, software solutions, warranty issues and many other services. By providing many services in one place, we can offer you the convenience of obtaining your needs in one stop.

IT Hardware

Majestic enjoys strong partnerships and first-tier relationship with industry’s leading hardware and software suppliers and manufacturers. As we specialise in looking after the needs of your business, when you need to purchase hardware or software, Majestic will help you explore all the options and design the best solution which includes choices in hardware and software and configure the system to provide the connectivity and results that your business requires.

Majestic has the experience to provide, support and install any IT infrastructure required by our clients including computers, servers, network equipment and peripherals. We have tier-1 relationship with the industry’s leading hardware suppliers and manufacturers to offer you quality brand products, competitive prices and availability beyond what the competition can provide.

Majestic also provides custom-built and Majestic branded PCs, Laptops, Gateways and Servers. No matter how complex or small, we can find the appropriate solution that allows you to meet your business goals.



Software & Licensing

Since 1992, Majestic Software Licensing and Management Solutions (SLMS) has helped organisations maximise their software investments. Today, companies make substantial investments in software needed to run their businesses efficiently, but few take control of their software environment. This leads to unauthorised purchases, and incomplete knowledge of the software in use, an inability to track compliance, and knowledge of when to renew licenses. The complete Majestic SLMS portfolio will help solve these issues.

Majestic SLMS offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help you acquire and manage software.

Majestic Software Licensing Services provides enterprise organisations with the ability to source software solutions from one trusted advisor. Our consultants work closely with your organisation and each software publisher to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively acquire software. Majestic is designed to serve you in assisting with your annual renewal, with self-managing your contractual license obligations, with providing personal assistance, customer education and with other resources as needed.

Majestic applies new thinking and ideas to create simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology. Simplifying where you buy your software saves you time and money and reduces risk. In addition, Majestic will help

  • Deliver operational efficiency
  • Lower costs in relationship management
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Provide less risk to the business
  • Increase quality and speed in delivery
  • Enable you to access accurate reporting of all of your software purchases

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