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Eurofins|mgt Network IP Address Migration Project

Majestic was appointed to plan and migrate Eurofins | mgt Pty Ltd’s IP address scheme in accordance with Eurofins’ global guidelines.


Eurofins|mgt has emerged from the Eurofins Scientific acquisition of mgtLabMark Environmental Pty Ltd. Eurofins|mgt has 200 staff and a network of National NATA Accredited Environmental Laboratories located in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne that are supported by a National distribution and service network with offices located in Adelaide, Perth, Darwin & Newcastle. Eurofins also operates an Environmental Laboratory in Wellington along with Food and Agroscience Laboratories in Auckland, Hamilton & Christchurch.

Majestic successfully planned and implemented the migration in collaboration with Telstra by:-

  1. Implementing multiple VLANs and VLSMs for the data and VoIP network
  2. Planning the migration steps for servers, workstations and other network devices
  3. Collaborating with Telstra to complete the reconfiguration of all the switches and routers in offices around the country
  4. Reconfiguring all the servers with minimum downtime
  5. Migrating network applications in accordance with the global guidelines



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