At Majestic, we constantly strive to provide the best service to our clients. We never look over any possibility to make the service even better. As a part of SLA improvement, we conduct regular workshops to our staff which emphasise about the services and betterment of them.

Here are updates we have made to our monitoring software in order to provide even better service.
  • Filter Editor – This Filter editor allows us to manipulate different filtering criteria to help you single out specific patch jobs.
  • New Device Commands – We have updated our device section by introducing new commands such as wake device and refresh device.
  • Backup manager – With a simple interface and powerful filters to quickly isolate servers and workstations, backup manager can help identify potential issues quickly.
  • Remote monitoring – Remote monitors run on every agent enabled computers and report on the operating conditions of both hardware and software components.
  • More Resistant – We continuously provide information on how to recognise and avoid common forms of cybercrime and offer advice to those who have fallen victim.
Majestic Computer Technology’s Service Level Agreement includes all the above features, giving you a sense of security and ensure that you are in safe hands.


Majestic’s Cloud Backup provides granular protection of your hosted data. Once set up, backups happen automatically in few seconds, You can recover the version of a file or folder that you need, in its original format, through an easy-to-use web interface.

Do you know that Microsoft will only guarantee 90% of your data for 30 days?

The top 5 ways data is lost in the cloud:

  1. User error (registered users accidentally delete or overwrite data)
  2. Hackers (outsiders get into the business systems)
  3. Closing accounts (cloud app a/c are closed without regard for the data left behind)
  4. Malicious delete (users purposely delete critical data belonging to a company)
  5. Third-party software (data is overwritten by third-party software)

With Majestic Cloud Backup for Office 365, customers have a total peace of mind that their data is safe and secure.


In the year 2016, Australian businesses have been hit with $589,000 in damages over the use of unlicensed software. “By using unlicensed software, businesses are compromising their cybersecurity policies and putting their customers data at risk. It can also result in financial losses for the business, as information can be intercepted and repurposed for others financial gain. Not to mention the impact to the reputation of the organisation, business and its employees during any legal proceedings.” BSA director of compliance programs, Gary Gan  said.

During 2016, the global software industry advocate organisation which is widely known as BSA settled 14 cases Australia wide. Each business caught using unlicensed software was forced to purchase genuine software licenses for its ongoing use, in addition to paying the copyright infringement damages.

“Our 2016 results reflect the increased public awareness of the security and business challenges that unlicensed software poses to Australian businesses. We strongly encourage all businesses, across all sectors to implement an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) practice. This, combined with regular checks of software licenses and deployments, will ensure their business is secure and avoids legal risks,” Gan added.

Other than the risk of paying copyright infringement damages, other benefits of using licensed software are –

  • Pirated software often contains malware which can lead to the theft of company’s confidential information.
  • With licensed software, regular software updates are available to mitigate any risks associated with vulnerabilities discovered since the software was first released.
  • Pirated software can cause severe damage to your computer hardware which requires hardware replacement.
  • Having genuine and licensed software speaks volumes about your company’s reputation and governance.
  • Avoid all unnecessary IT and cyber security risks.

Whatever IT compliance requirements your business has, Majestic can assist in ensuring that you are always on top of the requirements. Utilising the industry standard tools and best practices, technology experts at Majestic can help your organisation to review your compliance requirements, current setup and help you fill in the missing pieces. Any work related to IT audit and compliance completed by Majestic are documented using standard documentation processes.


Australian business owners have been warned to avoid clicking a malicious email claiming to be from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), with the high-risk message containing hidden ransomware. The email was distributed to tens of thousands of addresses just as people arrived at work this morning, and has been labeled as one of the largest-scale fraud email inundations seen in recent times.

This is the second large-scale fraud email purporting to be from ASIC in recent times, with MailGuard identifying a similar scam in late January.As outlined via the ASIC website, scammers have been contacting registry customers asking them to pay fees and give personal information to renew their business or company name.
Dos and don’ts
  • Do not respond to any message claiming to be from Australia Securities & Investment Commissions (ASIC).
  • Do keep anti-virus software up to date.
  • Do not click any links on a suspicious email.
  • Do not give any sensitive information through email