High-functioning and reliable computers play a vital role in succeeding in the current digital world and compete more effectively. Maintaining your employees’ computer stations is an important part of the business.So whether it is installing the right updates to ensure your desktop runs at peak performance or getting your business back up and running after your computers crashes unexpectedly, Majestic Computer Technology can help.

our flexible and reasonable PC support options help enhance your business execution by:

  • System backups – It is essential to have a plan for recovering from a system failure. An attacker could crash a computer’s operating system or data may be corrupted or wiped out by a hardware problem. Computers can be lost, stolen, or destroyed in a fire or other catastrophe.
  • Installing critical and security updates – Critical security patches are perhaps the most important updates to apply to your system. Ignoring these could leave your computer or server extremely vulnerable to hackers and malicious code.
  • Defragmenting the hard drive – Over the time files can become fragmented or separated, thrown into random directories When this happens, it takes your computer longer to scan the hard drive to locate those blocks of information it needs to perform a task, which decreases the computer’s speed and performance.
  • Monitoring the drive space – It is important to monitor the amount of available storage space on your disk because programs might fail due to an inability to allocate space.
  • Disk cleanup – Disk cleanup utility searches and analyses the hard drive for files that are no longer of any use, and then removes the unnecessary files, temporary logs and much more.
  • Checking the event logs on the PC – Event logs can give you early warning of impending system issues and save you from unexpected disasters. We can also trace security events that can reveal someone making a sustained effort to access a customer system in unexpected circumstances.
  • 24 x 7 PC health check – Our automated script runs on your systems in regular intervals and let us know if there are any issues with your hard drive or other hardware.

As always Majestic Computer Technology is here to help, Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.
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“Prevention is better than cure” , we strongly believe in this at Majestic Computer Technology. We run health check scripts on all SLA systems every week in order to minimise any production outage, data loss and also to detect any hardware issues which requires attention. Now, we have upgraded our monitoring software to run health check scripts on all SLA systems 24 x 7 which means the script runs in regular intervals as long as the systems are turned on.

Our health check scripts constantly monitor System and application performance, hardware usage, security policies and alerts us when it matters. They constantly keep an eye on the following
  • System backups – Any failed backups will be immediately notified to our engineers
  • Missing patches – We ensure all the important updates are made during the maintenance, our health check script verifies it again.
  • Disk drive monitoring – Disk errors, file system errors are always monitored along with disk space in order to avoid any program failures or any degradation of performance.
  • Hardware and software corruption – Majestic monitoring system alerts when it detects abnormal hardware or software behaviour. Missing or outdated hardware drivers, we do our best to keep them upto date.

Majestic Computer Technology’s Service Level Agreement includes all the above work, giving you a sense of security and ensure that you are in safe hands.

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New ransomware called Bad Rabbit is taking over computers across Europe.It’s locking users out of their machines and demanding money from them, but security experts are warning people not to pay up.It’s currently unclear if infected computers can be fully restored, but there are ways to protect yourself from the cyber attack.

The criminals behind Bad Rabbit are tricking people into infecting themselves, by disguising the malware as an Adobe flash installer and planting it on legitimate websites that have been compromised.
After infecting one machine in a network – one computer in an office, for example – Bad Rabbit can find any login details stored on the machine which it uses to spread to others, security researchers have claimed.
Dos and Don’ts

  • Do not install any flash updates that appear on your screen asking you to install.
  • Do keep anti-virus software up to date.
  • Do not click any links on a suspicious email.
  • Do not give any sensitive information through email

As always, please feel free to contact Majestic Computer Technology for any help.


Nearly $28,000 has been stolen from Australians this year by scammers pretending to be the NBN in order to steal money and personal information.
Scamwatch has already received 316 complaints this year related to scams impersonating the NBN, according to the ACCC.
“Scammers are increasingly using trusted government brands like NBN to trick people into falling for scams,” ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard said. “Their goal is always to either get hold of your money or personal information.”

One of the most common scams involves scammers ringing victims to connect them to an NBN service and demanding payment with an iTunes gift card.
Rickard said that Australians over 65 are particularly vulnerable to cold calls from scammers, who often demand payment via iTunes gift cards. “Legitimate businesses, especially those like NBN, will never ask you to pay for anything in this way,” Rickard said.
“NBN will never phone you out of the blue to try to sign you up to a service over its network. NBN is a wholesaler, meaning they don’t sell direct to the public. If you get an unsolicited call like this, it’s a big red flag that you are dealing with a scammer,” Rickard said.
“NBN will also never call you to remotely ‘fix’ a problem with your computer, or to request personal information like your Medicare number or your bank account numbers. Do not listen to the reasons they give you for needing this information.”
Rickard advised Australians to hang up and contact their retail service provider if they were in doubt about a caller purporting to be from the NBN.

Protect Yourself

  • Know who you are talking to
  • Protect your personal information
  • If you think you’ve been scammed, report it immediately


A spate of phishing scams hijacking brands such as Telstra, Spotify, Energy Australia and GoVia and government agencies including the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have swamped Australian inboxes during the past week.
During the past few days a number of small to large phishing scams have been picked up and blocked by email filtering firm, MailGuard.

Fake financial notices impersonating Telstra, the ATO and Queensland toll road payments provider, GoVia, were doing the rounds since Wednesday 13 September.The fake emails had a link to access a bill, and were written in plain text without any logos or anything that actually resembles correspondence from the well noted government agencies and telco giants.

Dos and don’ts

  • Do not respond to any message claiming to be from AFP, Telstra, ATO, Spotify and GoVia.
  • Do keep anti-virus software up to date.
  • Do not click any links on a suspicious email.
  • Do not give any sensitive information through email

As always, please feel free to contact Majestic Computer Technology for any help.


At Majestic, we perform windows critical and security patching on every server and workstation that are under MAjestic Service Level Agreement (SLA) during each maintenance cycle. Microsoft releases security patches for windows operating systems every month which are popularly known as “Patch Tuesday”. These updates patch security vulnerabilities that could allow a system to become compromised. Security updates are classified as critical, important and moderate.

Critical security patches are perhaps the most important updates to apply to your system. Ignoring these could leave your computer or server extremely vulnerable to hackers and malicious code.

  • Critical patches prevent problems. Not only do they fix known bugs in the operating system, but they also plug the critical security holes that could drastically affect your security
  • Potential causes of not installing critical updates are damaged software, loss of data or even identity theft.
  • Every year malware causes damage of millions of dollars worldwide with the main reason attributed to uninstalled critical security patches
  • Another main advantage of installing critical patches sometimes comes with new features while fixing known issues.
  • Consistent patching and maintenance services leads to higher level of security and compliance.
Majestic Computer Technology’s Service Level Agreement includes all the above work, giving you a sense of security and ensure that you are in safe hands.
If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact Majestic Computer Technology at any time. We are here to help.


Majestic gives prime importance to keep our clients ahead of an ever-evolving IT threat landscape.The growing use of cloud-based and virtualised computing drives dramatic efficiency and operational gains-but if security strategies are not evolved to fit these environments, those benefits are not realized and security gaps are created. So, it is very important to have an enterprise security solution in order to eliminate those security gaps.

Yesterday’s viruses and ransomware are still lurking out there, requiring vigilant updating of traditional defenses – but the current explosion of advanced targeted attacks demands new customised detection and response capabilities.

Here we present the top 5 reasons why you need a hosted enterprise security solution

  • Shields against the ransomware – Majestic hosted enterprise security solution shields you against the ransomwares that are breaching the security policies of the company.
  • Hosted email security – By blocking ransomware at the email gateway, enterprise security solution prevent it from ever reaching your users.
  • Data theft protection – This tool can protect sensitive personal information, including credit card numbers or passwords for online services. Upon detecting any attempt to send protect information to the internet, whether to a web page, by email or through an instant message, the transmission can be blocked automatically.
  • Web security – Web security combines threat protection, URL filtering and application visibility which defends you against today’s sophisticated internet threats by blocking targeted attacks, malicious links, compromised websites and more.
  • Network security – Protect your network from advanced targeted and zero-day attacks with a proactive process of real-time threat visibility and intelligence.

The growth of data usage, a move towards an increasingly mobile workforce and the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can drive real business benefits. To enable your organisation to fully capitalise on the opportunities that these trends can bring, it is important that IT architecture is properly secured and the risks addressed.

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Your Trend Micro security server has been upgraded to version 9.5 under the service level agreement (SLA). As always, Majestic leaves no stone unturned  in order to keep your data and systems safe. Trend Micro security server version 9.5 has new features which enhance your protection levels to a great extent.

The new features and functionality of Trend Micro security server version 9.5 are listed below
  • Log Inspection – Collects and analyzes operating system and application logs in over 100 log file formats, identifyimg suspicious behaviour, security events and administrative events.
  • Windows 10 Pro support – Trend Micro now supports security agent installation on endpoints running Windows 10 Pro.
  • Remote manager agent update enhancements – Installation of Trend Micro version 9.5 will automatically update the remote manager agent to the latest version through Trend Micro ActiveUpdate.
  • Update notifications – Trend Micro can inform users about updates, including new versions, service packs and patches. Users can receive notifications from security agent when new updates are available.
  • Document protection enhancements – Trend Micro has further enhanced their ransomware protection feature to effectively protect documents from unauthorised encryption or modification.
Your upgraded security server includes all the above features, giving you a sense of security and ensure that you are in safe hands.


As well known, Majestic has taken part in APAC’s largest technology event CeBIT 2017. We are very excited to share our experience at the event. This event has not only given us the opportunity to showcase our products and services, but also presented network opportunities beyond our exceptations. CeBIt has showcased the latest technological innovations from 350 exhibitors.



We are happy to share that we are now an authorised re-seller of Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface is a device with versatility which will let you to work on your own terms. The Surface gives everything you need in terms of performance, mobility, security and reliability. A best-in-class laptop with the creative freedom of a studio, and the convenience of a tablet. All in one.

Home, office, conference room or a factory floor. Wherever you need to get work done, Surface can put productivity right at hand. Thin, light and powerful; Surface can process complex calculations and present 3D models. With laptop performance and tablet versatility, you no longer need to juggle separate devices – Surface is built to replace both. Here are some of the exciting features of  new Surface Pro.
  • There is up to 50% more battery life than Surface 4 – that’s up to 13.5 hours of video playback.
  • The latest Intel 7th Generation processors have contributed to improved performance of up to 20% over the Surface 4.
  • Redesigned venting allows for quieter device cooling. In fact the m3 and i5 configurations are totally fanless and completely silent.
  • You might think that adding performance and battery life would have increased the weight of the Surface Pro – but it’s actually 16 grams lighter than Surface 4.
  • The new Surface pen with four times the sensitivity of the previous pen, combined with the Surface’s high responsiveness, delivers the best in class performance.
With its exceptionally versatile design, Surface is a best-in-class Windows 10 laptop. It offers all the power and performance you need along with ultimate mobility.
To know more about Microsoft Surface and how it can deliver results for your business, please feel free to contact Majestic Computer Technology at any time. We are here to help.