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Benefits of embracing new technology

Benefits that come when Healthcare & NFP organisations embrace new technologies.

Use of technology for monitoring healthcare outcomes is on the rise. We’re increasingly seeing organisations place a greater emphasis on investing in developing different technologies that assist in monitoring various aspects of health, with a definite focus on remote monitoring.

Technology is available now that can facilitate the monitoring of a patient’s clinical signals and responses order to enable a health care provider to remotely receive information and feedback about their wellbeing, and not just from within a healthcare facility. It extends even further when we look at other technologies like products that can monitor an individual in their own home. When used remotely, this technology augments the capabilities of an in-home carer who’s not necessarily with their patient 24 hours a day.

There’s technology that can monitor that individual, build an understanding of their typical habits and pattern of behaviours in the home and then raise an alarm when that person is potentially experiencing an adverse episode.

As our clients adopt some of these types of solutions, it has an immense positive impact on them as an organisation. In addition to improving their quality of care outcomes, we see them able to do more, with less, freeing up resources that they can use to concentrate on delivering higher value or higher impact services.

David Blumenthal’s quote highlights the role of technology as the facilitator for delivering health information. With a well strategised technology infrastructure in place, healthcare professionals have ready access to the information they need to make effective decisions for their patients, faster and more reliably than ever.

As published in their March 2021 Report, The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is calling for the universal adoption of digital technology for personal and medical care by mid-2022 and is also recommending further invest in care innovations. Has your organisation adopted any digital technologies to enhance patient care?

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s ‘Digital health’ report states the many benefits and applications of health care technology for individuals and service providers, as well has the health care system overall. The application of technology in the healthcare sector increases the accessibility and effectiveness of medical assistance.

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