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AN Computer Services Invoice Processing Implementation

Majestic was appointed to implement an Enterprise Content Management System based invoice processing solution that utilises technology.

AN Computer Services is a second generation family based company based in Richmond, Victoria. They are developers of a Job Management Software called Job Costing and Accounting (JCA) which at its core is a project cost control management system.

They needed an Enterprise Content Management Solution that integrates with JCA and uses OCR technology to process invoices and extract data. They needed the data to be associated with invoice documents based on which automated workflows can be created and automatic notifications can be sent to subcontractors and case managers.

Majestic Computer Technology implemented an Enterprise Document Management System and integrated it with JCA. It uses OCR technology to process scanned invoices and extract relevant data which then can be stored as a metadata for that invoice. This metadata comes in handy to create automated workflows and email notifications.

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